Our Strategy

Our strategy for catalyzing a regenerative future is to foster the sustained interplay between theory and practice—or "praxis"—as we support organizations and individuals to thrive in harmony with all life.

Many attempted solutions to complex global challenges are constrained by the systems and ways of thinking that caused them. There are restrictions on our imaginative abilities that we have become so accustomed to that we do not realize that they are moveable—and yet they heavily influence what we think and how we think, and ultimately, how we act, and what we do in the world.

In particular, we aim to amplify the impact of under-recognized insights from the critical social sciences and humanities, such as human geography, science and technology studies, as well as postcolonial, feminist, and critical race theory. These ideas—when bridged with practice in the public, private and civil society sectors—can unleash powerful creativity and regenerative potential.

Our initiative currently takes life in the form of University Praxis Labs, publishing free resources, and running workshops. To broaden and deepen our regenerative impact, we facilitate collective learning journeys, connecting the emergent knowledge of these Praxis Labs to a diverse range of practitioner “contexts”—be it organizations, professional networks, shared interest groups, schools, local communities, activist campaigns, and beyond.