Our Vision

Our vision is to effect socially & ecologically regenerative systems transformation—so that our societies are more sustainable, flourishing, and just.

As Albert Einstein once said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Much academic work from the critical humanities and social sciences offer powerful insights for regenerative systems transformation—especially by enhancing our ability to think differently, and to therefore help liberate us from the kind of thinking that created our current problems. Yet, these insights are under-recognized and under-represented in practitioner communities, in part due to the inaccessibility of much of this work as well as insufficient dialogue and communication across both spaces.

Our existing political, economic, and cultural systems have limited capacity to address complex global challenges such as climate change, growing societal inequality, and other injustices.

Lively Worlds calls for systems that give back more than they take—that heal, nurture, and create—rather than consume, degrade, and exploit. Regeneration refers to designing systems and practices that take a holistic approach to solving environmental, social, and economic problems—aiming to restore, rejuvenate, and liberate. We do this at the individual, collective, and systemic scales, and with the understanding that people and planet can only thrive if they thrive together.

The Interlocked Model